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Ultimate performance with better foot function
Excess moisture wicked away by CoolMax®
Protection against blisters, fungus and bacteria

The high-end pair of running crew socks brought to you by TOETOE®. These socks will perfectly fit standard running shoes but can also be used for specialist barefoot shoes like Vibram Five Finger, Fila Skele-Toes, and Adidas adiPure. 

TOETOE® Running Ankle toe socks are designed to develop your performance when moving, this is achieved by using CoolMax® technology which helps to tackle sweat and excess moisture by drawing it away from the foot. The individual toe pockets help improve toe function dynamically which conventional socks cannot do. 

Blisters are also prevented by maintaining your natural toe function. The calf of the sock is specially designed to stay up on the leg without being too tight, maintaining a secure yet gentle hold. These toe socks are a key for any runner or sports person. 

Made from 80% CoolMax®, 15% Elastane and 5% Spandex, these unisex style toe socks, suitable for men and women, are available in 3 sizes: 

US M 3.5-6 | F 5-7.5 (Small)
US M 6.5-9 | F 8-10.5 (Medium)
US M 9.5-12 | F 11-13.5 (Large) 

With TOETOE® Running Ankle toe socks, you will reap many benefits including, but not limited to:

  • Stabilizing Double Layered Cuff - Adjusts to the movement to the leg
  • Elasticated Calf Channel - Ensures dynamic adjusting and secure hold on the leg
  • CoolMax® Moisture Control - Excess moisture is wicked away by CoolMax®
  • Mid-Weight Thickness - Offers even fabric layer around the foot
  • Arch Support Band - Elasticated band secures the sock around the arch
  • Seamless Construction - Seamless knitting technology provides gentle hold without restriction 

TOETOE®: The socks Mother Nature would design.

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