TOETOE® has always been the leader of toe separated socks manufacturing and design in UK, Europe and USA since the beginning of 1999 after a two-year preparation of our socks revolution.

We are passionate about offering innovative functional socks and legwear that can be beneficial for feet. TOETOE® have the biggest number of styles offered in 6 ranges. We are inspired to create our designs to make sure we offer what the activity needs to perform well, provide comfort and protection.

All our styles have been developed with our in-depth experience and know-how on toe separated socks and with the collaboration of professional athletes, expert foot mechanics engineers, podiatrists as well as lay people. We are proud to offer toe socks with the best quality material available and suitable for the activity. TOETOE® products are exclusively produced on high tech machinery designed to manufacture proper fitting toe socks. We design all our styles and spin our own yarns to make sure the quality and durability of the final products are at their best.

It has always been a great encouragement to receive positive feedback from our customers many saying they will never go back to conventional socks. We particularly enjoy the fact that huge percentage of our customers are loyal repeating customers.

Following the lead of TOETOE Socks the market have seen other companies offering toe separated socks in varying qualities. Our differentiators have been clearly appreciated by the continuously growing number of customers. The toe separation needs to be made in high quality by following the principles of good-quality-manufacturing. Although the product may appear as simple as 1, 2, 3, making a good quality version of toe socks takes a lot of know-how and effort to ensure that it will work for the activity they are made.

Recent History of Toe Socks

Some of you may remember, hand knitted toe socks were made in various times in the past. They were quite chunky but great fun to use with fantastic rainbow colours. Having the design of our feet with separated toes, have always been there but unfortunately conventional socks manufacturers never thought about taking the design one step closer to the natural design of our feet with separated toes.

We have no doubt that the socks with separated toes was inevitable in the evolution of socks. As the best solutions is always found for our body, at long last a better solution was developed by simply following the design of our feet. Because it makes sense for feet and for the entire body.

Following a similar machine which can make gloves, specially toe separated socks machine was designed and launched in 1978 first time by a Japanese company. Toe separated socks require special technology to make the socks as ergonomic as possible, however, only the essential functions were built in the first versions of these machines. By TOETOE’s lead of creating a decent market for toe socks since 1999 machines have also become more sophisticated, though they a lot of room to improve and become more affordable.

After the invention of the special toe separated socks knitting machine, unfortunately some of the glove manufacturers were motivated by the opportunity and produced toe socks look alike products without having a heel (tube socks) and without proper fit and unfortunately using not-skin-friendly materials to appeal to the cheap market. This was probably fun and cheap for a short while, but it worked against the real idea of developing a properly working product which can be potentially very beneficial for our feet.

We take our feet for granted very often and the conventional socks exactly represents this by its current design. They only separate feet from shoes. In terms foot function and anatomy, they virtually contribute nothing to feet. In terms of hygiene they hardly prevent any potential fungal issues especially between toes. In terms of preventing blisters they cannot offer anything to prevent them between toes.

Although we have come this far to produce the socks in its new evolutionary form which is closer to its natural design, we must still convince people about this change. After all it is a life changing experience.

Why TOETOE® Socks?

Unique EPT™ promotes non-restrictive toe movement, as in the foot's natural mechanics, separating the toes, increasing movement and dramatically improving the flow of information between the foot and the brain.

EPT™ creates a protective layer round each toe, improving ventilation and is proven to reduce the likelihood of inter-digital pressure and blisters enhancing effective bio-mechanical foot function.

Body balance begins with the feet. Unfettered feet evenly distribute the pressure of standing, walking and running through a harmonious structure of 26 bones, 31 joints and 20 muscles. Toe Socks are designed to maximize foot freedom. Each toe is softly separated so you can get a better grip.

  • BALANCE: When you are aware of your toes your feet will function properly, your toes are free to move, so you are able to balance yourself better,
  • OPTIMUM WARMTH: When toes move, the blood inside also moves. This keeps your feet at the right temperature – not too hot, not too cold,
  • TOE EXERCISE: If your toes move regularly, they will stay in their natural shape. If you keep them rigid they will curve and overlap,
  • BETTER HYGIENE: With an ordinary socks, dirt and moisture pile up between your toes – that’s why feet sometimes smell. TOETOE® socks greatly help to solve this problem,
  • FREE MOVEMENT: Flexible toes communicate better with the body to encourage good posture. With TOETOE® as though you’re wearing socks whilst feeling barefoot. It opens the way towards better--exercised, healthier, active, controlled, yet liberated toes. Open your mind and free your toes!
  • BLISTER PREVENTION: TOETOE® socks stop your toes rubbing together when you walk, run, jog, play sport or workout. This stops your feet getting blisters, people who try TOETOE® socks never go back to ordinary socks
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