EPT™ Enhanced Proprioception Technology


EPT™ ensures an engineered finish around the toes to create a protective additional layer. EPT™ separates the toes to contribute to proprioception, ventilation and biomechanical function, whilst creating an environment that reduces the likelihood of inter-digital pressure and abrasion. EPT™ promotes natural toe movement and function.

EPT™ improves body balance with subconscious movement of the toes and improved communication between body and feet. EPT™ ensures the fabric moulds into the contours of the foot for a perfect fit.

EPT™ also introduces controlled temperature as friction between the toes is prevented. Less friction means that excess heat will not be created.

Why TOETOE Socks?

Better toe movement with EPT™ technology contributes to proprioception which improves body balance.

Increased awareness of foot anatomy enables us to use feet with more control and efficiency which results in better foot function.

A preventative measure against fungus related problems. Combats three factors of bacterial growth (warmth, moisture, dirt) by reducing them. As a result, unpleasant odours are unlikely to occur.

Optimum warmth with increased movement and circulation while controlling excess heat. The warmth from inside. It is generated by increase in toe movement which encourages blood flow.

Seamless knitting technology ensures that there will be no blood flow restriction which is likely to happen if there is seam on the sock on which the shoe presses.

Toe's do not rub together skin to skin and toe nails cannot damage adjacent toe skin which help in preventing blisters.

Continuous toe movement significantly increases the amount of toe exercise and helps them to retain their natural shape and can also return overlapping and curled toes to a more natural position.

Fabric contours the entire foot providing effortless hygiene throughout the day, ensuring dirt does not accumulate causing smell, moisture and excessive heat.

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