"I have been buying toe toe socks since 2009 I have had various styles I was very happy when you first introduced fishnet tights but I was disapointed when they only came in black I did contact you to ask if you were going to introduce another colour but the person I spoke to was unsure and did not see the reason why. I am so pleased you have now introduced plain nylon tights which I purchased in November I have only recently tried them and they are so comfortable I have today ordered anklets. The big advantage for me is that I no longer have to wear half covers and knee highs or ordinary tights which cramp the toes because of seams. The only problem I have had is the 20% discount cards never work Regards Maureen"


"I think my first orders has got me hooked on toe socks. They are so much more comfortable than conventional socks. The Rubber Sole Trainer Yoga socks are great for wearing around the house, it would be nice if there was also a wool version for Winter./"


"Great customer service, please let me know when beige silk ballerinas in large are back in stock."


"I came across your site by accident - what a find!"


"found mini silk toe socks great when I I was wearing sandals with thong as prevented blisters between my toes, also when around house lovely and cosy"


"I am a convert, you can expect more orders from me over the coming months as I gradually replace my ordinary socks with toe socks."


"Feet feel like they are being looked after in these socks. Such a pleasure to be able to stretch your toes. Would definitely recommend."


"This is the first pair of ToeToe socks that I have had and am very very pleased with them, no pain in my foot!"


"i do a lot of long distance walking and found these socks stop blisters on my toes.... i will keep useing them"


"Really good so fare, looking forward to wearing them more."


"Very quick service at a reasonable price with top quality products"


"Without toe socks my feet and toes are always painfull. With toe socks I have better balance and my toes and feet are not painfull. I wear toe socks every day. My favorite is the knee high. They keep my feet and legs warm and help me to have a better balance if I walk or Work. I hope there will be more choice in collors from the knee high length in the future. If so, then I will buy more fore sure."


"Great quality product .... really impressed with the thickness of these socks. They are perfect !! Thanks"


"Love the socks, my toes have never felt better."


"they are very warm and easy to walk in"


"easy to walk in with shoes"


"Since wearing toe toe socks I havnt bought socks from anywhere else. I am quite prone to athletes foot and by wearing toe socks I do not have this problem anymore. I find the quality of the socks extremely good unlike other brands toe toe socks last a long time despite many washes."


"Very comfortable and keeps my toes warm during yoga (I used to get cramp due to cold floor)"


"Very comfortable"


"Great fitting so comfortable"



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