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Zonal knitting provides weight point cushioning
Excess moisture wicked away by CoolMax®
Protection against blisters, fungus and bacteria

EPT™ (Enhanced Proprioception Technology) is the driver when improving performance. Research has shown that separating the toes improves proprioception - our body’s sense of its own position, balance and movement. This trilogy is important to your game. Blood circulation flow is also promoted throughout your feet which ensures the perfect temperature control, no matter how long you play for. 

TOETOE® Tennis toe socks are created with an additional arch support which helps to prevent accidents and ensures the sock stays in place on the foot during the rapid acceleration and direction changes during the game. There have been 10 years of development towards the 3D knitting technique of the sole and other vulnerable weight bearing points. 

The outcome is the production of a sock which is both comfortable and protective, but best of all, stimulation of the nerve endings of the sole to improve the balance of the foot, the posture of your body and movement. 

Made from 51% Polyester, 40% Cotton, 9% Elastane, these unisex style toe socks, suitable for men and women, are available in 3 sizes: 

US M 3.5-6 | F 5-7.5 (Small)
US M 6.5-9 | F 8-10.5 (Medium)
US M 9.5-12 | F 11-13.5 (Large) 

With TOETOE® Tennis toe socks, you will reap many benefits including, but not limited to:

  • CoolMax® Moisture Control - Excess moisture is wicked away by CoolMax®
  • Extra Cushioning on the Weight Points - Offers additional protection for pressure points
  • Ventilation Channels - Breathable design maintains fresh feet
  • Achilles Tendon Protector - Thicker fabric supports and decreases friction
  • Diverse Calf Knitting - Ensures gentle and secure hold on the leg 

TOETOE®: The socks Mother Nature would design.

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