Frequently Asked Questions


Why toe socks?

Toe separated socks have many benefits for your feet. The foot has evolved with separated toes to achieve optimum balance and flexibility. TOETOE® socks encourage better foot function and improved circulation and temperature control. The close fitting design improves foot hygiene by eliminating the bacteria friendly environment found in conventional socks. With TOETOE® there is no skin on skin friction ensuring blistering does not occur. Wearing TOETOE® is as comfortable as being barefoot.

What are the benefits?
  • When your toes are encouraged to move independently your foot functions better, this in turn improves your brain's spatial awareness and assists in improving balance and posture.
  • Moving the toes involves muscular contraction which in turn helps improve blood circulation through the foot. This keeps your feet at the right temperature – not too hot, not too cold.
  • Moving your toes helps to maintain the correct alignment of the bones, making your feet look and feel better. Encouraging toe movement by separating the toes can even improve the shape of toes "damaged" by ill-fitting footwear.
  • Conventional socks allow moisture to build up between the toes creating a perfect environment for bacteria and fungi to grow – this is what causes embarrassing foot odour. The close fitting design of TOETOE helps wick moisture away from the foot eliminating odour and preventing infection such as Athlete's Foot.
  • 10 years of design chages and textile development have produced the most comfortable socks you will ever wear. 85% of wearers say they would never go back to conventional socks.
  • Blisters between your toes are formed when skin rubs against skin. The design of TOETOE socks prevents toes rubbing together when you walk, run, jog, play sport or workout, stopping them from blistering.
Do they feel strange?

When you put on TOETOE for the first time they do feel different to conventional socks. The feeling only lasts for a few minutes as the body adapts to the new sensation, you then realise how comfortable they feel.

What is the thickness of the socks?

The TOETOE range is designed to function correctly for different activities. The thinnest socks we have are the silk socks in Everyday and Fashion ranges, these high quality socks are as thin as the finest conventional dress socks. The Everyday range cotton socks are slightly thicker than the silk socks for increased durability. The Sports range are designed for specific activities such as running and tennis, with additional thickness in the areas of greatest wear. Golf socks are thicker than the tennis socks, with additional ventilation areas to improve moisture control. The Outdoor 3D walking and terry walking socks are designed to wear with walking boots. Following discussion with keen walkers and elite athletes TOETOE have produced an ankle high liner which can be worn under either conventional socks for increased comfort or other toesocks for increased cushioning. The liner socks are as thin as the silk socks.

Will my feet get cold easily?

On the contrary, TOETOE Socks encourage more toe movement and feet stay warm longer or do not get cold as easily as they would in ordinary socks. Although you might think keeping the toes together would keep them warmer, increasing toe movement improves circulation and the additional blood flow keeps feet warmer for longer.

Is the cotton organic?

TOETOE Yoga&Pilates range is made with organic cotton. The Everyday range is made with high quality non-organic cotton sourced from respectable suppliers.

What is CoolMax?

     Coolmax is a polyester based material designed to wick moisture away from the skin quicker than natural wool and cotton. In combination with natural fibres it provides the best of both worlds.

Where is the merino wool from?

TOETOE sources it's Merino Wool mainly from New Zealand and Australia. Whilst a little more expensive than some other producers we use them to ensure we know they do not treat the yarn with environmentally harmful substances.

What is Elastane?

Elasthane, also known as Spandex, is used in TOETOE socks to provide a good fit and to ensure the products keep their shape after use.

Do you have 100% cotton toe socks?
TOETOE socks are designed to provide the best possible fit and comfort. Cotton is not good at retaining its shape when stretched, so we use the minimum amount of elastane necessary to make the socks durable. Elastane is a very thin material and when used in small amounts it does not contact the skin.
My toes are not in good shape, can I wear them?
One of the benefits of wearing TOETOE socks is increased toe movement. Movement and exercise encourages the toes to maintain their natural shape, the more you wear your TOETOE socks the more exercise your toes receive helping to improve the shape of your foot.
I have overlapping toes, can I wear them?
Yes indeed wearing TOETOE socks will encourage more movement and help the toes to return their natural shape.
What sizes do you have?
We have the sizes for all the ranges as below;
  Essential and Fashion   Outdoors, Sports, Yoga
Unisex Men Unisex S M L
UK 4 - 11 7 - 13 3 - 5 6 - 8 9 - 11 12 - 14 3 - 5.5 6 - 8.5 9 - 11.5
U.S WOMAN 6 - 13 12 - 4 5 - 7 8 - 10 11 - 13 14 - 16 5 - 7.5 8 - 10.5 11 - 13.5
U.S MEN 4.5 - 11.5 --- 3.5 - 5.5 6.5 - 8.5 9.5 - 11.5 12.5 - 14.5 3.5 - 6 6.5 - 9 9.5 - 12
EUROPE 36 - 46 28 - 34 35 - 37.5 39 - 42 43 - 46 47 - 49.5 35 - 38 39 - 42 43 - 46
JAPAN 225 - 295 175 - 210 220 - 240 250 - 270 280 - 300 320 - 340 215 - 240 245 - 270 275 - 300
Are they one size fits all?
We do not make one size fits all socks, TOETOE socks are designed to stretch so that they mould to the shape of the foot and individual toes.
I don’t have any problems with my feet, why should wear them?

This is a good reason to wear TOETOE socks, to make sure your feet stay perfect. They help increase toe movement, which increases blood circulation maintaining clean, healthy and cared for feet. Just putting on TOETOE socks encourages you to examine your feet. TOETOE feet are happy feet!

Are they good for circulation?

Yes they are. The extra toe movement encouraged by TOETOE socks increases the blood circulation through your feet helping them to stay warm when cold and cooling your feet when too warm. Feedback from people with blood circulation conditions such as Reynaud's Syndrome and diabetes and say there feet feel more comfortable when wearing TOETOE.

My feet get too hot already, would they make my feet hotter?

Body temperature is controlled by blood circulation, increasing circulation improves both heat and cooling of the feet. Additionally separating the toes prevents the skin to skin friction between the toes which can cause abnormal heat build up. Wearing TOETOE helps maintain the optimum foot temperature.

Are they good for cold feet?

Improving blood circulation is brought about by the increased toe movement promoted by wearing TOETOE, it changes person to person but we normally see an improvement in a couple of weeks of wearing them. A lot of customers tell us they feel an improvement in the temperature of their feet.

What ranges do you have?

We have five ranges for a wide range of activities.

Everyday Range: IIdeal for simple everyday use at work, at home, at the gym or even in bed – anywhere you need high quality cotton socks.

Sports Range: Performance enhancing technical toe socks designed by experts and engineered using the latest high tech fibres. We offer, running, racket sports and golf styles – check with customer service to see which is most suitable for your chosen sport.

Outdoors Range: Protection and comfort are the key design and engineering qualities of the outdoor range. When your feet are properly protected you can enjoy your adventures to the full.

Yoga & Pilates Range: Made with organic cotton and non-carcinogenic rubber material to provide a slip resistant sole. Designed to ensure maximum hygiene and protection from contagious conditions such as verruca, they are used by people who prefer the barefoot feel but do not always use an exercise mat.

Fashion Range: Funky and fashionable, stand out from the crowd in an outstanding variety of stripy colour combinations. Available in a number of lengths starting from half foot to over the knee.

Do they protect against blisters?

TOETOE socks have been shown to help prevent blisters between toes. The toe pockets prevent the skin to skin friction which causes inter-digital blisters. Wearing two pairs of toesocks can help prevent the blisters caused by shoe on skin friction. TOETOE have developed an extra thin liner sock, to be worn under either conventional or toesocks – any rubbing takes place between the shoe and the outer sock not the foot.

How long do they last?

Using the correct design of sock for the activity is important and Everyday styles will last for at least 8 months – walking styles much longer.

Why are they more expensive than some conventional socks?

We believe the prices we offer are extremely competitive. The physical and medical benefits of TOETOE are brought about by careful attention to design and textile choice, all of which costs money. Lower quality conventional socks can seem to be cheaper, however, they will never offer the advantages of TOETOE socks.

Are they going to constrict my foot or toes?

TOETOE socks use stretchy materials to ensure a good fit, however, this is a low compression stretch which holds the contours of the foot very gently.

Are they going to constrict my leg?

This of course depends on the diameter of your calf muscle, information on the dimensions of each style can be found on the product page where you can ensure you get the style and size which suits you best.

Mittens keep hands warmer than gloves, isnt it going to be same with toe socks?

When our feet get cold we tend to squeeze our toes together, this causes us to keep the toes rigid and restrict the movement. Our feet are kept warm by blood circulating through them, keeping toes rigid will reduce the circulation and hence the heat generated. TOETOE encourages blood circulation and improves the temperature regulation of the foot.

Will the fabric rub between my toes?

No it will not. The fabric is designed to mould closely to the contour of the foot and act like a second skin, no matter what the shape of the toe it will follow the movement of the toes. This is something TOETOE Socks achieve through its unique design and manufacturing techniques.

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