Awareness Giving your toes freedom to move improves your body's awareness and helps you reconnect with that wonderful barefoot feeling. Balance When you use every aspect of your feet, as naturally intended, your body gains more awareness and improves balance.
Comfort Fitting socks to the contours of your feet AND TOES creates a sense of freedom and luxury, akin to gloves versus mittens. Why would you settle for anything less than pure comfort? Exercise Continuous toe movement, including subconsciously, helps keep toes in their natural shape. Preventing curling or overlapping. Exercise the toes to maintain better circulation as a preventative measure.
Fresh Separated toes reduce bacteria's ability to grow and develop common ailments, including odour issues. With toe socks your feet feel fresh and free. Movement Toe freedom promotes more movement inside your foot, which improves circulation. This helps your feet feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter, without the need for bulky socks or keeping the toes rigid.
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