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Barefoot feeling with better foot function
Optimum warmth, effective toe movement
Protection against blisters, fungus and bacteria

Our Silk High-Crew range incorporates the great benefits of TOETOE® socks whilst providing a phenomenal feeling, along with a sleek finish.

Made from 60% Silk, 35% Nylon and 5% Lycra, these unisex style socks are available in 3 sizes:
US M 4 - 6.5 | F 3.5 - 6 (Small)
US M 7 - 9.5 | F 6.5 - 9 (Medium)
US M 10-12.5 | F 9.5 - 12 (Large)

With TOETOE® Silk High-Crew toe socks, you will reap many benefits including, but not limited to:

  • Seamless Construction - Seamless knitting technology provides gentle hold without restriction
  • Blister Prevention - Helps prevent blisters as there’s no friction between the toes
  • Promotes Better Hygiene - By controlling the factors of bacterial growth (warmth, moisture, dirt), preventing bad smell, athlete's foot thus keeping the foot fresh
  • Continuous Toe Movement Pattern - Maintains constant blood circulation and provides optimum warmth in toes
  • Toe Separation - Encourages toe exercise that keeps them in their natural shape

TOETOE®: The Socks Mother Nature would design.

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