HEALTH - Gel Socks - Fawn

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Anti-Microbial fabric inhibits the growth of bacteria
Optimum warmth, effective toe movement
Protection against blisters, fungus and bacteria

TOETOE Gel socks are designed to help moisturize the skin on your feet. They provide a high level of hydration to soften hard, dry, rough feet, heels, toes, and cuticles. Toes are also covered with gel to give you a complete foot treatment. The gel cushions the heel to prevent hard skin and calluses as well.

  • Gel Inner: Gel used in the heel and toe areas can repair the dry and rough skin on the feet.
  • For Moisturizing: The natural minerals impregnated into the gel moisturize the skin and make your feet look fresh and nourished.
  • Using Method: This product can be used while resting or overnight in bed to let the skin be treated. Walking or doing exercise with this product is not suitable.
  • Size: This product is suitable for women's shoe sizes 3-7 UK.

If you have any skin conditions you must seek to advice from a professional before using this product.

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