Why our Toe Socks are Perfect for Running

They say you shouldn’t run away from your problems, but there are a few issues that running can definitely solve.

Running is an excellent way to improve your overall health, can prevent diseases, help you lose weight, and increase your overall confidence. Just 30 minutes of running can help you to burn 200-500 calories and is excellent improving depression and anxiety.

Why wear our toe socks for running?

Our Runner Training Socks can improve your overall performance with better foot function. They will also make sure excess moisture is wicked away and your feet are protected against blisters, fungus and bacteria.

Designed especially for running, they are also highly affordable with prices starting from only £14.95, and the perfect addition to your running equipment.

Our Micro-fibre Running Socks are made with Polyamide technology which tackles sweat and excess moisture by drawing it away from the foot. They are guaranteed not to slip off your feet like traditional socks and will ensure your feet are kept warm and dry.

Our toe socks are perfect for specialist barefoot shoes like Vibram Five Finger, Fila Skele-Toes, and Adidas adiPure.

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