Our Collection of Knee High Toe Socks

You can’t go wrong with giving socks at Christmas, but why make them the same-old boring socks? At TOETOE Limited we have a wonderful range of knee-high toe socks in a variety of vibrant colours, to bring Christmas cheer at any time of year.

Toe socks are not only super-comfortable, but they help to strengthen the foot muscles and align your toes, which improves your blood circulation. When wearing traditional socks, we don’t tend to move our toes as much as we should do.

Our toe socks offer many unique benefits that include cotton which absorbs excess moisture, to keep your toes dry at any time.

Ergonomic socks with cooling technology.

When making our knee-high toe socks, we are always meticulous regarding our choice of yarn, only ever using highly absorbent organic cotton which locks in moisture and is also wonderfully soft. This makes them excellent for conditions like athlete’s foot.

We currently have a sale on many of our knee-high toe socks, including those for men. With prices starting from only £4.95 you can buy bargain socks for anyone’s Xmas stocking.

Discover more benefits to our knee-high toe socks today.

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