Stay Toasty With our Ski Socks

Did you know the word ‘ski’ originates from a Norwegian word which means ‘split wood’?

Although the most popular season for skiing might be drawing to a close, there’s still plenty of people heading for the alps before summer arrives. When you’re off to hit the slopes, you want socks which are super-warm, comfortable and will prevent chafing.

For socks which keep your feet comfy at all times, invest in a pair of our knee-high Snow Socks. These stylish socks are the ultimate protection for anybody who loves their winter sports, whether it’s skiing, snowboarding or sledging.

They come in blue and black and in a range of different sizes.

Experience the first ski socks with separated toes.

With their special zonal knitting, these socks are also a great way to stay warm in the capricious British weather. They create a warm sensation that will keep your toes tingly and since they’re toe socks, will protect every part of your foot.

They have a reciprocated heel construction, cushioning to protect against impacts, and stabilising ribbed channel cuff which adjusts to the movement of the leg.

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