Our Toe Socks for Golf

Although golf isn’t the most strenuous sport, it involves a lot of walking and standing around, which can lead to seriously sweaty feet.

At TOETOE Limited we have many socks which can enhance your performance when playing sports, including those specially designed for golf.

Our toe socks designed for golf can enhance your performance by offering better foot function, with effective ventilation channels and protection against blisters, fungus and bacteria- that means no more embarrassing foot odours!

Discover the most comfortable socks you’ve ever worn.

Developed to ensure the maximum amounts of comfort, you’ll find balance and precision is much easier to achieve with these types of socks, which have what’s known as proprioceptive features (the sense of the relative position of the parts of the body and the feeling of effort employed in movement).

In other words, your feet will feel much freer when wearing these socks, making it much easier to achieve a hole in one!

Highly stylish, these will also fit into the dress code for this popular sport. If you’re giving these socks as a present, we can deliver them in a beautiful gift box.

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