Luxurious Toe Socks

Would you like healthier and happier feet in 2018?

Back when we were cavemen, we didn’t have our feet constrained inside tight socks; with our toe socks, you can have that bare-foot feeling all the time, and enjoy many other benefits too.

Our luxurious toe socks aren’t only colourful and super-comfy, but they’re also ergonomic and highly hygienic. Improved movement in your feet is better for their health because just like the rest of your body, they like to move around a lot!

What better time to treat your feet to a luxurious pair of socks than winter?

We also have open-toe socks ideal for yoga or Pilates since they have anti-slip qualities, such as these Anti-Slip Sole Open-Toe Socks. Specially designed for these types of activities, these socks are currently only £3.45 and have a rubber grip on the sole to allow for movement.

Not only perfect for wearing during Yoga or Pilates, but they’re also super-comfy for wearing around the house, with the EPT™ technology increasing your brain’s awareness of your feet and increasing that feeling of freedom. They can also help maintain the shape of your feet with their ability to separate your toes.

Buy three of our luxurious toe socks and you can get one free!

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