Colourful and Ergonomic Yoga Socks

Are you considering taking up the practice of yoga in 2018?

At TOETOE Limited we have a range of socks suitable for wearing during yoga, including anti-slip socks in a variety of sizes.

Yoga offers many benefits to your physical and mental health, including a stronger heart, weight loss, increased muscle strength, and improved respiration.

If your partner loves going to Yoga classes, our socks could make an excellent Valentine’s Gift. Our collection includes these Anti-Slip Socks which will keep your feet at an optimal temperature during exercise classes, and minimise your perspiration.

They’re also highly stylish and come in a wide range of colours, including pink, lavender, blue and black. Each pair are only £11.95 each, making them highly affordable.

Providing extra grip on the sole without the use of shoes, these socks are also ideal for anybody practicing Pilates and when not being used during classes, they’re an excellent alternative to slippers. You can currently enjoy two for the price of one on all our socks (apart from bundles and discounted products).

Check out our range of toe socks for Yoga.

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