Where to wear


TOETOE® Everyday socks are available as unisex in anklet, mid-calf, knee-high and overknee and men in mid-calf. Body balance start from feet and TOETOE® socks ensure complete free movement with their unique EPT™(Enhanced Propriocetion Technology).

At Home

All you need to do is take your shoes off and relax your feet and toes. With the freedom of toe movement you are going to be almost bare foot while you are wearing your TOETOEs. They are probably the most comfortable socks you have ever worn. The high quality cotton absorbs excess moisture and keeps your feet naturally dry. The seamless construction and perfect fit provides an exceptional comfort.

At Work

Whatever the type of work you do, basic awareness of your feet would go a long way to maintain healthy feet. The toe separation with high quality cotton, without doing anything actively, will reduce bacterial growth dramatically. As a result virtually no bad smell or athlete's foot or similar problems will easily incur.

In Bed

Having the toes separated, in other word having a completely different sensation will encourage more toe movement. Of course the toe movement is a result of the entire foot structure moving. With all this continuous movement blood also moves and warmth comes from inside with better circulation. When you are in bed in addition to the circulation benefit the comfortable fabric will keep your feet nice and warm.

Light Exercises

More awareness you will get with the toe separation will potentially affect your performance for better. Being more in control of your toes and feet inevitably will help improve using feet more effectively. Best friend of your feet.


TOETOEs are a necessity for comfortable feet. Whatever you are doing wherever you are going for anything casual you can rely on your TOETOEs a like a best friend. Life is full of surprises, so you will require socks that will adapt with your lifestyle and the everyday do exactly that. No matter what the situation is, the everyday range got you covered.

Horse Riding

The freedom of your toes play such an important role to encourage extra movement in your feet. While you are enjoying the ride on the back of horse your feet will be totally working for you by bringing more agility and control. Despite the fact that the feet are in boots, the toe separation will continue establishing a better awareness and giving the rider a pleasant experience, by protecting the feet from getting numb and keeping them naturally dry.


Body balance start from feet and TOETOE® socks ensure complete free movement with their unique EPT™(Enhanced Propriocetion Technology).


Do you like looking good? Do you love colours? TOETOE's magnificent colour combinations and beautiful quality materials will enhance whatever the look you would like to have. You can get from our huge colour selection either as a plain colour or multi colour combination. We have organised the rainbow selection for you and more.


TOETOE will certainly tune into the mood you are in, crazy colour combinations and various lengths and fabulous material. TOETOE Overknee socks come in plain and stripy varieties to suit your needs. Multicolour stripy short ones are a real icebreaker.

Special Occasions (Birthday)

When you want to be get the attention you need on your special day you will have the best of it with your TOETOEs. Not only will you be expressing yourself with free toes but you also experience the greatest comfort ever.


TOETOE® 3D Walking and Terry Loop Walking and Liner socks are also suitable for: Long distance walking, Trekking, Camping, Rock climbing and similar activities. Body balance start from feet and TOETOE® socks ensure complete free movement with their unique EPT™(Enhanced Propriocetion Technology).


When you are about to go for a long walk, all you want is to feel that your feet are well protected, comfortable, pain-free and not tired. TOETOE's unique engineering in their walking socks designs are for those people who want to go the extra mile with all the expectations. As the toe separation stops skin to skin friction it is virtually impossible to have blisters. The comfortable and cosy feeling of Merino Wool is combined with acrylic for extra durability to create an ideal sock. They will work with your feet and for your feet.

Trekking (backpacking, hiking)

No matter what kind of terrain you have to walk through, TOETOE Outdoor designs will be protecting your feet with high-tech knitting varieties as well as carefully selected material combinations. The importance of the right equipment is paramount when taking on challenges. This is why our walking socks are great for the jobs as someone could go further distance without blisters occurring.


Feeling the ground and having full control of your foot with all of its details is one of the key factors of safety during climbing. Enhanced Proprioception Technology (EPT) brings a complete new awareness to how foot communicates with the brain via all the nerve endings. If the awareness is clearer the more effective we use our feet. As a result feeling a better and controllable grip is what TOETOEs will give you.

Winter Sports (Snowboarding, Skiing, Ice Skating)

The combination of liner and 3D Walking socks or Terry Loop walking socks will be a fantastic treat for your feet. Liner TOETOE ensures any excess moisture to be pushed out while the cushioning Walking socks protects your feet and leg with ticker knitted fabric. When you surrounded in snow the last thing you want is cold feet. 3D Walking socks are made with Merino Wool and Acrylic blend and keep the heat inside and works like a fantastic insulator. Not only they keep your feet nice and warm but they give you the mobility you need.

Mountain Biking (Cycling)

Depending on the fabric thickness you prefer we have a huge selection you can choose from. The thinnest socks suitable is the Light Runner socks, the next one slightly thicker is the runner socks. If you need real cushioning socks then 3D walking socks will suit you best. The extra cushioning from our 3D Walking socks provides fabulous protection. The weight points on the sole are knitted thicker to ensure sufficient shock absorption.


TOETOE® Sport socks are specifically designed for each sport. Body balance start from feet and TOETOE® socks ensure complete free movement with their unique EPT™(Enhanced Propriocetion Technology).

Tennis (Badminton, Squash, Table Tennis)

We cannot promise you will become Federar or Nadal but you will certainly feel the difference with the toe separation. By separating the toes the awareness will dramatically increases and you use your feet like feet with all the details and not like one piece. All the quick movements, targeted hits can be more precise while keeping your feet well protected is what TOETOEs aim.


Undoubtedly great deal of skill and practice needed to become a great golf player. Our golf socks are specifically designed to give golfers greater balance, which results in good posture, the final results will be the "hole in one" you always wanted. TOETOE golf socks are one of a kind in toe socks world and it takes 3 hours to make a pair. The knitting techniques used ensure fantastic ventilation, stimulate the nerve endings to increase awareness encourage toe movement to keep you on the ground strong and connected.


Most of us do it to be healthy and others do it as passion, whatever the reason it might be it certainly requires protection, comfort and above all performance. TOETOE running socks are made with engineered Coolmax yarn which removes the excess moisture faster than any other fibre. The arch support ensures a secure hold on foot to give confident steps. Incomparable protection against blisters between the toes. When your feet are well protected and functioning effectively your performance improves.


We would like to experience the gym with the most comfortable clothing and most convenient equipment. TOETOE's sports socks offer you a variety of fabric thickness and length for you to choose. The sport socks are mainly made with Coolmax which wicks away the moisture faster than any other material so your feet stay free from excess moisture. Toe separation offers a great protection against blisters. You can at least keep your mind at rest about the wellbeing of your feet and focus on your performance.

Yoga & Pilates

TOETOE® Yoga and Pilates socks are also suitable for: Yoga, Pilates, At the home, In the gym, Dancing, Yoga, Pilates and similar activities. Body balance start from feet and TOETOE® socks ensure complete free movement with their unique EPT™(Enhanced Propriocetion Technology).


As a discipline Yoga appreciates the movement of the toes as well as the separation of the toes. Even if you do not need to wear TOETOEs during classes, you will definitely appreciate the freedom of movement with the toe separation. Most of our customers wear TOETOEs for keeping their feet warm as well as protecting their feet from potential hygiene problems.


TOETOE socks will provide you with drier feet with total comfort. Engineered perfect fit of TOETOEs distinguish them clearly from any other toe separated socks and act like second skin.


While you are in a Pilates class TOETOEs will certainly give you a better grip with the floor and the equipment you use. Enhanced Proprioception Technology (EPT) will contribute to your body balance as the simple awareness of your toes increase dramatically.

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