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High fashion indeed but are you confident enough to wear them?

A favourite not only with the girls but excellent for motorcyclists and cyclists where you will appreciate the protection and warmth.

Manufactured to our highest standard you can wear them with confidence and comfort.

TOETOE®: The Socks Mother Nature would design.

Our Over-Knee range is fashionable indeed, although you’ll need the confidence to wear them. A favourite with the girls but efficient for motorcyclists as you’ll always feel protected and warm. They are manufactured with the highest of quality, so you’ll be confident yet comfortable. Research has shown that the separation of toes encourages movement which allows blood circulation and improves balance and movement, as well as maintaining the correct temperature. 

Made from 90% Cotton and 10% Elastane, these unisex style toe socks, suitable for men and women, are made extremely stretchy to ensure a perfect fit between sizes: UK 4-11 | EU 36-46. 

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